"When I met with Lauren over the phone for the first time there was an instant ease; I was able to open up and share things with Lauren I had never shared with anyone. Not only does Lauren have the education and training for counseling and coaching but just as important is her heart to serve and help people. Because of her heart, her integrity, her wisdom, and her experience Lauren has helped me walk through challenges with my business as well as personal life. She asks the right questions and guides me to discover the right answers for myself and my circumstances without being preachy or just telling me what to do. I'm so thankful for her encouraging heart."  -Anna

"I would describe Lauren as patient, mentoring, a great listener, compassionate, empathetic, prayerful, understanding, and non-judgmental.  Since working with Lauren, I have noticed increased self-acceptance, increased peace in my life with the things I cannot change, and less of a need to please others.  I learned a great deal about nutrition, but mostly through increased prayer, self-acceptance, and healed relationships, I feel that I have overcome the impossible.  THANK YOU!"  -Ashley

"Lauren has played a major role in encouraging me to let go of what I can't control and let God take ownership.  She touches your soul through her beautiful words, her kind heart, and her genuine love."  -Jared

"When I think of the embodiment of Mind, Body, Jesus, I think of Lauren.  She is patient, powerful, graceful, and has an eloquent way of speaking life and truth into your life.  She is always present and has a way of making me feel at ease and peaceful.  With her careful and loving confrontation and encouragement, she has helped equip me with the skills necessary to establish healthy boundaries in my life.  I feel stronger in my identity, confident, and free from paralyzing fear.  I am so thankful to now live healthy, boldly, and with purpose and direction." -Laura

"Lauren and I worked side-by-side on a mutual milestone project.  I usually shy away from team projects because it is rare to find someone with my work ethics.  Lauren always showed up, contributed powerfully, went above and beyond, and had this project humming along to completion.  It was a pleasure working with this go-getting achiever.  She says what she will do, then does what she said she would." -Trudy Beerman, Co-Author, From Pain to Purpose