Hi there, Lovely.

I'm Lauren and I am a Christian health and lifestyle coach.  It is my mission to empower women to step into their divine purpose so they can live a life of creation experiencing joy and abundance NOW, regardless of circumstance.

That's right, I believe you deserve to live a life of fulfillment.  So what are you waiting for?

You are perfectly woven.

You are a precious miracle.   The events in your life have been carefully orchestrated by a God that loves you.  There is no one quite like you.  You were born blessed with a unique set of gifts to be utilized for the glory of God.  Bottom line:  YOU have a story.  And that story is meant to be shared with the world to inspire and leave a big mark in the hearts of others.   I want to help your voice surface so you can live your authentic truth allowing your light to shine brightly.

Happiness does not equal joy.

There is no doubt, life can get pretty tough sometimes.  In a fallen world, we can't avoid pain and struggle.  But, in today's society, it seems that many of us chase after the thrills of pleasure and happiness.  Yet, happiness is fleeting; it will come and go.  So how can we stand firmly rooted experiencing peace and joy during times of trial?  Pastor Rick Warren developed this definition of joy:

"Joy is the settled assurance that God is in control of all the details of my life, the quiet confidence that ultimately everything is going to be alright, and the determined choice to praise God in every situation."

I have good news for you.  Finding this kind of joy is attainable.  And you can be UNSHAKABLE! 

Breaking Free.

I was a perfectionist and an overachiever rattled with irrational fears of judgement and persecution if I were to let my true self surface.  I was unhappy with my job and battling a variety of health issues stemming from a genetic mutation called Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase (MTHFR), which later led to infertility concerns among other things.  Being that I was a therapist, I didn't want anyone to see that I was actually struggling in my life.  But I was.  And I hid.  I let the world define who I was supposed to be instead of embracing the perfectly woven life that God provided me.  I realized that I was more than the roles in which I was supposed to play by the world's standards.  I wasn't less of a woman if I didn't have a child.  My value and worth were not equal to the amount of money in the bank.  My career was not my identity.  And the status of my health did not have to hinder my ability to live a full life.   

A woman's creative power.

Women can conceive many ideas and birth many creations in this lifetime.  I believe that a woman's womb is the center for creative power.  It is host of our divine feminine essence, a source of love and strength, a place of beauty and miracles, the core of our sensuality, and it is filled with aliveness.  But this womb through our experiences can also latch onto trauma, fear, disappointment, and darkness.  These negative memories can imprison us and hold us in bondage.  It is time to lay down the chains.  Time to step out into freedom.  To be completely immersed by the love of Jesus Christ.  To be forgiven and to release the pain, anger, guilt, shame, resentment, and fear.  To be washed clean and made anew.  To step into the fullness that life has to offer you.  To let God make your paths straight.  To embrace and create a life of joy and abundance now.  It is time to rise up, shine, and BE YOU!

I want to help you receive the gift of a life with purpose.   Will you take my hand?



You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you. (Song of Solomon 4:7)